Strategic Technologies for the Poor - Tools for Positive Change

Technology is an integral part of our larger strategy. While so far BCTS has focused on Information Technology (IT) with regards to technology, we now offer consultancy in ‘Technologies other than IT’; that can bring benefits to the rural or urban poor.

BCTS provides technological consultancy services on:

  • Assessment of the needs of the communities that technologies can cater to improve livelihoods and well being of poor
  • Identification of the best possible technological solution
  • Pilot testing of the technologies and refinement
  • Commercialize tested technologies with a win-win model

Technological solutions being offered:

Sub-surface irrigation  systems for horticulture and kitchen gardens

    • Identification of potential users of this technology based on need assessment done
    • Technical assistance to facilitating agencies
    • Support in marketing and commercialization of the product
    • Financial consulting such as business planning, cash flow projections, income and expense estimation






 Farmers Installing and Using Sub-Surface Irrigation System


Bio fertilizers and bio-pesticides

    • Facilitating training by experts for small scale/decentralized production
    • Know-how of setting up a Micro Bio Pesticide Plant

Soil Health Card (SHC)– Soil testing portal for SHC

    • The soil is tested using by portable soil testing kit
    • Online portal generates SHC
    • The SHC provides information on major nutrients availability with recommendations for supplements’ requirements
    • Training and hand-holding to the partner institutions and entrepreneurs to enable them to use the technology and implement it on field
Screenshot of the Soil Testing Portal